Tiger vs Monkey in Peculiar Match-Up!

by Chinty
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What could be funnier than seeing full-on fights within the animal kingdom as we enjoy the various specialist skills of different species? This clip pits the cheekiness of the monkey against the power of the tiger and the results are extremely amusing. First off, there are two tiger cubs innocently play fighting somewhere deep in the jungle.

Then Mr Monkey makes his appearance,

reaching down from on high to tickle his foes, too intelligent to take on these vicious beasts one-to-one because he knows he’ll get owned. So for the rest of the clip he spends his time tormenting the tiger cubs. At around the 2 and a half minute mark, events go into warp speed with the monkey suddenly jumping incredibly fast between branches and stepping up its tormenting of the tiger cubs by springing down on a vine and swiping them with its hand. How very rude indeed! One of the tiger cubs reacts by leaping up to catch the monkey but it narrowly fails in its bid to end the torment.

There are some slo-mo shots of the monkey

moving with amazing lithe agility in order to escape the grasp of his enemies, the vines bending to near-breaking extent but the monkey always managing to get out of his tight spot. The last section of the clip is a game of furtive hide and seek, with the tiger cubs snooping around the jungle trying to locate the monkey who has found a safe spot up a tree. He just watches with a certain air of ‘you can’t catch me’ sorta arrogance. Bless him, he’s probably tired after all the excitement of the day and who could blame him for taking a rest? He’ll need to conserve his energy if he’s going to escape from the tigers.

The thrill of this clip is that if the monkey

makes one false move he’ll fall into the mercy of the tiger cubs who would tear him to shreds on their ‘home turf’ so to speak. So there’s an extra thrill to this as you watch it ‘cos in the back of your mind you’re worrying as well as smiling!

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  1. December 7th, 2009 at 7:44 pm
    natalia says:

    haha way to piss off the tiger. lol! awesome!

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