Test Your Awareness With a Moonwalking Bear

by Chinty
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If you enjoy a little challenge as well as a laugh then this clip might be interesting to you. Although I’ve slightly spoiled it by putting ‘moonwalking bear’ in the title, you’ll be able to come away from watching this commercial for Transport for London with an idea as to how aware you really are. First off, a bunch of basketball players are stood facing the camera. Then a plummy English voice asks you to watch them run around passing the ball and count how many times they make a pass. Afterwards the narrator not only tells you the answer but asks whether you saw the moonwalking bear. “What?” you ask yourself, “What’s he talking about?

I didn’t see a moonwalking bear.

Have we been watching the same clip?” Then all is revealed when the clip of the basketball players is replayed and yes, there is a mad-looking bear moonwalking between the basketball players as they pass the ball to each other. The whole point of the commercial to put over the fact that when you are concentrating on one thing you may not at all be aware of another. The comparison is made with cyclists in the streets of London and how drivers should be aware of them. I wonder how far they could have taken this clip, whether they could have had something a lot more crazy going on such as a bear on fire or a bear riding a motorbike. Would us viewers still not have noticed that because we were all so stuck on the basketball players?

Maybe they could have had footage of major disasters like volcanoes and earthquakes

playing behind the court and STILL we probably wouldn’t have noticed it, as we’d be so engrossed in these boring idiots chucking a basketball to each other. I wonder if this commercial has actually led to a reduction in traffic accidents involving bikers? More likely it has seen an increase of crashes into dumb moonwalking bears in silly furry outfits and little pug noses, especially when there are people playing basketball nearby!

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  1. September 28th, 2009 at 3:57 pm
    Steve says:

    This is a real test of mis-direction! It got me. This is a great piece of Awareness testing!

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