Little Panda Sneeze Shocks Big Panda

by Chinty
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Who’d have thought that a harmless little panda could be so loud and scary when he sneezes? The real shock of this clip is the sheer force of the way the panda sneezes, how such a tiny wee feller can scare the living daylights out of what appears to be his mom who is sat there nursing him just as a good mom should. For a good ten seconds this little panda is sat in his mom’s lap chilling out on a carpet of straw, until he gets a touch of the old hay fever and makes a noise like a Rottweiler catching its nuts in a mousetrap. This shocks big panda mom who promptly recoils backwards, kicking her limbs up in the air. Crazy or what?

What the hell did they put in that straw to make such immense panda sneezes possible?

By the look of the bars in the background this sequence must have taken place in a zoo or some other place of captivity, so maybe little panda was making some ‘dirty protest’, trying to brew up enough snot to muck the cell up and send out a message of disgust about the conditions to the zookeeper. I wonder if after all this both little panda and big panda got bumped up into a penthouse suite with a silk carpet instead of straw, gold-framed windows instead of bars and caviar to eat instead of bamboo.

In China you can get the death penalty for 68 different crimes

, amongst them murder, drugs trafficking and fraud, and they don’t mess about with years on death row, they take you out into the countryside shortly after you are sentenced, put a bullet in your head and, in the not so recent past, would have charged your family for the cost of it. Nice. But did you know that you could get executed in China for killing a panda? Well good luck to anyone who wants to take on this diminutive terror with the killer sneeze. If he can create this much havoc with a sneeze who knows what would happen if he, say, swung a paw or went for a bite? Potential poachers beware!

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