Kid Does Funny Stuff On Dental Anesthetic

by Chinty
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Most kids around the world fear going to the dentist but you get the impression that the one in this video thoroughly enjoyed himself there, getting a nice hit from the injection of painkillers he received. Throughout the journey, the kid’s speech is slurred and he moves with the vagueness of a zombie. He comes out with such droll lines as ‘Is this real life, Dad?’, ‘I can’t see anything!’ and ‘Is this gonna be forever?’

You realize how wrecked this little kid is

when he suddenly sits upright and hollers after being told to stay in his seat. After that he settles back in to his seat, semi-asleep, declaring, ‘I don’t feel tired!’ Most kids wait till they’re a little older before they start acting like this, but it looks like David’s got a taste of decadence as just a young kid. You can hear his Dad in the background of the video, making sure his son is all right and won’t get up to anything (too) stupid. Dad does his duty, his Dad thing, by telling David to stay in his seat and not to touch the area of his mouth that the dentist has operated on. Like all little kids,

David is hell-bent on touching and poking his face

and so there’s some real comedy mileage in the battle between Dad and son over this. Things hit a low when it appears that young David can’t see how many fingers he has. First of all he believes that he has two, to which his Dad says, ‘Good!’ then he seems to see 4. Maybe after a few hours of intense concentration he may find all 9 and a couple of thumbs there as well. Who honestly knows?

We at least hope that this little kid

didn’t develop a drug problem as a result of this mischievous little experience. He might well have decided that once was enough and that he wouldn’t be likely to do it again even when he gets to that age when peer pressure and coolness starts to figure strongly in kid’s lives.

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