Going to the John Japanese-Style

by Chinty
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Most people know that Japanese humor can be pretty sick and crazy right? Well this clip really takes the cake. Unsuspecting members of the public go into a portable toilet and start doing their business in the belief that they have utmost privacy. That is until the roof of the john opens up and the floor starts elevating until, before he knows it, Joe Public is sitting with his ass or his Johnson exposed to quite a lot of other Japanese people!

How embarrassing.

The highlight’s got to be the second guy who, when he realizes that the world is looking at his ‘private business’ suddenly starts trying to pull his pants up as if nothing has happened which is just so goddamn funny you got to see it! Once he’s covered himself up – or covered his ass shall we say? – he just stands on the top of the john not knowing what he’s supposed to do. At least he’s luckier than the next guy who, when the floor lifts up and he’s giving a moony to the public, causes two women down below to turn and bow their heads in disgust. Seems like they didn’t appreciate this ‘toilet humor’ right?

Lucky for the victim of the prank,

the floor descends back down to the cover of the door and his embarrassment is at an end. The next location that this cheeky portable toilet is taken to is on top of a mountain where you’d imagine people would really need such a facility. The next victim of the prank is a poor guy who really doesn’t see the funny side; after the 10 second countdown he looks genuinely scared as the floor starts to elevate up to the top and really make a first-class, A-1 jackass of him.

There is a slight alteration

so that the john turns into a jet ski that launches the next hapless customer into the ocean! This has got to be the funniest moment of the whole video so make sure you go and check it out right now.

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