Ghost Prank Brings Fear and Laughs at the Same Time

by Chinty
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This is one of the most popular viral videos out at the moment and as soon as you press the ‘play’ button you’ll realize why. Poor innocent members of the public have to endure this black-clad ghost jumping out at them from hiding places in an around a public park. The reactions of the public are so hilarious because they run away at top-speed as if they are acting in an episode of Benny Hill.

One woman even sees the need to run away from the ghost

even though she has a tough-looking dog with her. She obviously thought that Fido didn’t have what it took to fight off this moaning, whining ghost who seems to particularly enjoy lurking under shrubs and bursting out when people least expect it. Initially, members of the public seem only mildly spooked by the ghost’s presence, but when he starts lumbering towards them like something out of a John Carpenter movie, that’s when the public really start to get upset about the whole prank, sprinting as fast as their legs will carry them away from this appalling apparition.

The piece de resistance

must be a chubby guy in shorts who really doesn’t know where to run away to after he is given the diabolical treatment by the ghost who will not stop pestering him until he has obtained the right reaction for the hidden camera, for this clip must be from one of those prank shows that reaps humor from making members of the public look stupid. However, the ghost finally meets his match when a fit-looking guy in sunglasses doesn’t give the reaction that the average member of the public does. Instead, this guy does a roundhouse karate kick, narrowly missing the ghost and giving him a taste of his own frightening medicine.

After that, I’d guess the ghost slunk

away pretty embarrassed, with his scythe between his legs. He was probably put off scaring people for a long time and decided to take up martial arts lessons for self-defense instead.

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  1. December 18th, 2009 at 1:56 pm
    JonW says:

    This is very funny especially at the end when the Dude spin kicks him! Classic lol!

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