Flight Attendant Turns Bad Boy Before Take-Off

by Chinty
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Chuck D, Ice-T, Skee-Lo, KRS-ONE, Kool Keith, Tupac… and now an unknown flight attendant on a US domestic airline. This clip will have you giggling with surprise at the way this dude spits and rhymes all the information the passengers need while getting them to stomp and clap along to him. Lines like ‘We don’t take cash so you have to use plastic/If you gotta coupon that’s fantastic’ will hardly get this flight attendant into the hip hop hall of fame but his decision to entertain the passengers must have put a smile on their face and made the journey go a bit quicker. There are shots of some of the passengers whose expressions seem to say “I don’t like hip hop,” but then others give the hip hop gesture for “gimme some more”.

On the whole, though, everyone on this flight seems to enjoy themselves.

You can’t help but wonder how planned this little hip hop show was given that a camera was filming the whole thing from the point of view of the flight attendant because why else would anyone want to film a boring domestic flight? But never mind, the point is that, while this won’t get into the hip hop hall of fame it is quite impressive and, more to the point, very funny. I’m kinda surprised that, given all the post 9/11 security madness, this flight attendant was allowed to rap as I guessed there’d be some Homeland Security rule about informing the passengers of everything they need to know and generally not messing about on airplanes. There’s some laughter from the passengers at the closing comment of the flight attendant:

“You will not get that on United Airlines I guarantee you!”

Maybe the rap approach could be exported to the other areas – 50 Cent rapping the weather forecast, MF Doom rapping the sports results, etc etc. Based on this clip, rap should penetrate the rest of our lives in other ways as it certainly makes things more entertaining as long as you have someone as skilled as this flight attendant doing it.

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  1. November 2nd, 2009 at 7:30 pm
    Natalia says:

    lol! i wish all airline flights could be like this!!!

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