Cute and Comical Boy Plays the Ukulele

by Chinty
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In this age of America’s Got Talent and the X Factor, there’s nothing we like more than laughing at not very talented people trying to perform. The little boy in this clip, who can’t be more than 6 years old, isn’t very talented but he makes up for it by being so cute and funny. He struggles through ‘I’m Yours’, appearing to know the chords but not really the lyrics. As a result, this funny boy hums his way through several verses, closing his eyes and howling with a passion that he hopes will divert people from the fact that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

That he’s playing a ukulele just adds to the comedy value, making you think of old school music hall performers with top hats and shit. The reason why this clip is at the top of the viral video charts is because there’s something so sweet and charming about the boy as he acts as if he is live at Budokan when in actual fact he’d barely get an audition at one of the talent shows mentioned above. He pauses a few times trying to remember what chord goes next, averting his eyes from the camera so he doesn’t betray his ignorance. I see a bright future ahead of him, he could become kind of like a one-man Osmonds, although with slightly more talent.

What other things could this kid play?

He could specialize in covering the most complicated songs in pop history from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to ‘Schism’ to ‘Dance of Eternity’. The more he f***ed it up, the funnier it would be, I am sure of that. He would quickly gain a cult audience, mostly of students, and would not doubt go on to great things. Hey ukulele boy, if you need someone to write your press releases you know how to contact me. I would require a hefty slice of your earnings, though, and you couldn’t just buy me off with a bad Jason Mraz impression, understand? Serious.

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