The internet is the spiritual home-town of the twisted sense of humor. If you’re a connoisseur of hilarious injuries and accidents, bizarre events, oversized animals, epic fails and insane stories, we’d love to exploit your unpaid labor and publish your submission on the blog.

Well, you’re labor won’t be totally unpaid. We do have some awesome Made You Stare hoodies and T-shirts to give away. And when we say ‘awesome’, we mean warm, sturdily constructed, and better than a toga.

If the story, image or video you’re giving us the heads-up about isn’t your original work, just send us a link rather than the whole story. If you don’t do this, we may briefly feel smarter and better with women than you.

And if you’re going to submit stories about friends or family, make sure they’re as excited about their own public humiliation as you are. We don’t want to be sued by Uncle ‘No Pants Saturdays’ Tim who doubles as ‘Uptight, Slightly Suicidal Lawyer’ Tim on weekdays.