Indian Man Electrocuted in Blinding Explosions

by Chinty
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This is a quite unique and remarkable piece of footage, something you don’t see every day. At a busy Indian train station, a disturbed man climbs onto the roof of a train and touches the overhanging live wires. You don’t have to be Thomas Edison to guess what happens next. He is enveloped by two big explosions and turned completely soot-black. His corpse then falls to the floor smoking profusely. As you’d expect, the crowd at the station turn and run as soon as the first explosion happens.

The sheer size of the explosions are quite surprising.

Almost like those caused by mortar bombs. After they occur, the man lies smoking and bleeding down the edges of the train for the rest of the clip as the general public mill around uncertain what to do or where to go. Presumably no one goes to offer help for fear of being electrocuted when touching his body. Also, it is quite clear that the man is dead after such an ordeal, so that would probably stop people bothering to go to him. The odd thing is he sits quietly and contentedly on the roof of the train for the first half of the clip and then seems to stand up and touch the wire almost on a whim, just to see what happens.

The blurb on YouTube states that the man is ‘mentally unstable’

Indeed he must have been to get up on that roof without thinking through the consequences. Indian trains are renowned for their busy and frenzied nature and accidents of this kind are almost bound to happen when you consider that it is quite normal for people to ride long distances sat on the roof. Before this man goes up in the explosions, other potential commuters explore the space available but soon back of when they see this pour soul reaching higher and higher until he touches those deadly wires. These too are a part of the landscape of India, hanging dangerously low in busy parts of cities. Monkeys regularly suffer the same fate because they obviously like to jump high and climb about.

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