Blood and guts in irish bareknuckle boxing!

by Chinty
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This is a very weird and funny sight because you don’t see this kind of thing much anymore: amateur bareknuckle fighters swinging at each other until one of them collapses. Towards the end the crowd start to intervene, hurling abuse at one of the men, like he hasn’t got enough to worry about already with a broken nose and smashed-up face! Even more laughably, there is even a referee adjudicating this chaos, as if rules are necessary in this all-out fight to the last.

As you might expect, this bareknuckle boxing

match-up is nothing like the movies where men can take a good pasting and keep coming back for more. When one of these irish gypsies runs in for a flurry of punches, they look like they damn well hurt and his opponent smarts backward as you would if someone had smacked you a few times on the chin. There is a brief problem towards the end of the clip when the fighting men refuse to shake hands and are lambasted by their coaches for it. This show of gentlemanliness hardly makes sense given how these guys have been punishing each other for the last 8 minutes. Although bareknuckle boxing was banned in the USA in 1889 and other developed countries around the same time, this clip proves its popularity especially given that a pretty large and vocal crowd has gathered to spectate and/or place bets.

At the conclusion of the clip we get an up close

and personal look at one of the men and, as you’d expect, it’s really not pretty. One of his eyes has completely closed up, his cheeks are black with bruising, his ears have been more or less flattened and his lips look like they have been ripped inside out, washed through with blood and then sewn back together again. You wonder whether he’ll stick at this grueling occupation or maybe try his hand at something less painful like… chartered accountancy. If he had good looks before this fight then it’s doubtful he still has them now. Ouch.

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