Stare at this weird animal. Yes its freaky!

by Chinty
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When you think about watching a cute furry animal in a tree you think ahh its cute. But the animal in this video clip is a kind of freaky to stare at. The animal which is cute and freaky at the same time is also known as a Tarsier. During this clip the animal doesn’t even blink once which makes it worse. You see the Tarsier in the slowly but surely open its eyes. Then BOOM you have just been slapped with two eyes in your face, that only can be described as two golf balled eyes staring straight at you. This strange animal looks like it should be from out of space when it opens it eyes fully, its just missing a bit of green from its body. However, looking into this animals seems to be very mesmerizing in a very weird way. When the Tarsier opens its eyes fully, you cant stop looking at those big wide eyes. It feels like its trying to ‘Jedi mind control you, just from its eyes

Dont stare at this animal too long

A Tarsiers diet completely consists of meat, so if you stare at this animal for too long it might eat you too, while staring at you (only joking). But aside from it maybe trying to eat you, its normal diet consists of snakes, bats, lizards and birds. It may look cute but it certainly likes meat in its diet (sorry vegetarians, your going to have to find yourself another animal to admire). Unfortunately this cute looking animal are facing extinction, maybe because us humans stare at them all day, when they should be hunting. If you have truly fallen in love with this creature then heres more information on Tarsier. Maybe instead of the ‘compare the Meerkat’ we could have ‘compare the Tarsier’. And no kids you cant have one of these for Christmas.

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