Skunk Attack in the Funniest Prank!

by Chinty
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It’s a simple premise but the pay-off is enormously funny: a man sets up a hidden camera to capture him standing behind unsuspecting members of the public and tormenting them with a fake skunk on a stick. What’s really funny is the way that the various targets react, some with curiosity, some with shock, others with mirth. One poor guy sits down on a park bench to eat a picnic before having to suffer this naughty little skunk appearing to nibble at his bag of goodies. Not sure whether the crazy skunk is real, the guy just abandons the bag to the critter and walks off someplace else. Two women who have sat down to take a load off soon find themselves leaping up in fright as the furry intruder makes himself known. Luckily, as the clip proves at the end, the women don’t hold a grudge and we see them hugging the prankster. The prize for the funniest shock reaction goes to two kids in baseball caps who jump away so quickly you think they’ve been electrocuted or something. Crazy crazy crazy. The prize for the least shocked reaction goes to an old-timer who tries to accommodate the skunk rather than flee it or fight with it. He lifts his legs up, sways them one way and then another, but the prankster keeps moving the stick so that the skunk annoys the poor guy. Wouldn’t that just drive you crazy? The thing about these sorts of shows is that you wonder how often the victims of the pranks turn round and smack the prankster in the chops as opposed to that happy, jocular reaction we are always led to believe occurs. There was a skit on a British TV show in the 1980s in which a prankster murders this guy’s entire family. The guy’s initial reaction is total despair, as you’d expect, but once the prankster reveals that this is all going on for the purposes of a TV program the guy bursts out laughing and doesn’t mind what has happened one bit.

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