Scar Wars – Han Solo is Tony Montana

by Chinty
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What a great concept behind this video, to mash together many people’s two favorite films into a hilarious parody. The sound of Scarface’s classic scene where Tony Montana repels his enemy gangsters with a mini-gun, shouting, “Say hello to my little friend” is dubbed over Han Solo shooting his way through stormtroopers in Star Wars. The guy (or gal) who made this video clearly had a lot of time on his hands to be able to trawl through both of these classic movies and find the similarities between them. There are clever comparisons made between the Michelle Pfeiffer character in Scarface and Princess Leia, as well as between Han Solo’s piracy and Tony Montana’s gangsterism.

The themes of money, power and revenge

Are highlighted in both movies as these are major motivations for both Solo and Montana. There are plenty of sequences here where Solo insults Jabba the Hut using the voice of Montana: “If you f*&% with me, you’re f£)@ing with the best!” The most hilarious thing about this clip is that it has been created as if it is a genuine trailer for a movie that will be coming out next year called Scar Wars. Man, I bet a lot of people would want to see this, especially geeks and students who have wasted years of their lives watching these movies over and over again until they know the scripts forward and backward.

My favorite bit in the hole goddamn clip is Han Solo gesturing angrily to Princess Leia and saying, with the rough-edged voice of Tony Montana, “Want a piece o’ me?” Other characters from both movies such as Darth Vader and Montana’s number 2 whose name I can’t remember right now make cameo appearances in this video, serving the overall concept very well. If you like movies or even if you don’t and you just want to have a good old laugh then you should watch this straight away without hesitation. It’ll make you want to start inventing your own combinations. The best I came up with was Donnie Fargo, a cross of course between Donnie Darko and Fargo.

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