Crazy iPhone Blender Destruction!

by Chinty
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Are you ready for a bit of senseless anarchy? Ever been curious to know what exactly happens when you introduce a brand new iPhone to a high-speed blender? Then check this funny clip out. The tagline is that the iPhone can do so much but will it blend? The white-coated boffin in charge of the experiment is called Tom Dickson and he takes out the iPhone, puts it into the blender and presses the smoothie button. As you’d expect, the little gadget is completely destroyed as a subtitle reading ‘Don’t try this at home’ appears.

We are treated to a close-up action replay

during which we see every tiny piece of the broken iPhone get churned up into even tinier pieces, it’s screen shimmying off, its buttons all spraying against the blender’s walls. This process goes on and on until the destroyed cellphone is ground down into a very fine black powder.

When Tom lifts the lid off the blender

nasty acrid smoke leaks from out the top of it and Tom declares that we shouldn’t breathe this in. No shit Sherlock. He then puts the black powder into a smart-looking bowl as if he’s going to serve it at a dinner party. The answer at the end of the clip is,as you would expect, ‘Yes it blends!’ No one has suggested that this might be a total waste of time and money probably because it’s so damn funny to watch.

Apparently this clip was made in

response to a strong demand from YouTube viewers for such an experiment to be filmed. This might make you think that there are some pretty weird people out there with peculiar notions about entertainment, or maybe there are just plenty of people who hate Apple and want to see broken iPhones at the click of a mouse. Who honestly knows why? Who cares? What else does this Tom Dickson dude get up to in his spare time? Slow-cooking laptops in microwaves? Feeding PSPs into industrial shredders? Baking webcams in breadmakers? I bet he has a lot of friends.

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  1. November 5th, 2009 at 9:49 pm
    Natalia says:

    Poor Iphone! =(

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