Countdown of the 6 Weirdest (and Funniest) Sports Accidents Ever

by Chinty
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‘So what is this clip?’ I hear you ask. ‘More sporting accidents? Why should I bother watching it?’ To which I would reply, ‘Yes, more sporting accidents but these are the crème de la crème, and make no mistake.’ You might ask, ‘Is it sophisticated drawing room comedy?’ Frankly no. ‘Is it tasteful?’ Hell no. ‘BUT is it funny?’ Oh yes indeed, and that’s the most important thing when watching clips on the internet.

At number 6 on this weird pop chart

is a truly absurd gymnastics accident during which this guy jumps so far that he actually looks like he is flying. He ends up smacking his head into one of those bouncy blocks they use in the sport. Watching him go is really mindblowing. You’ll be left thinking, ‘How the hell’d he do that without the aid of some kind of equipment?’ In at number 5 is a frankly horrific accident happening to a racing car which manages to be reduced to only half a chassis and one wheel before it goes skidding and sliding into a crash barrier. I’m certain this accident was fatal which kinda detracts from the humor element but never mind.

Number 4 is a motor racing accident

but even more absurd – on a tight corner one car flips out totally, spinning through the air before crashing down on to the race track in a frenzy of smoke and busted smithereens. Now everyone knows ice hockey is a rough old sport and clip number 3 really does that side of it justice, what with an player getting all cut up by an ice skate and bleeding profusely all over the rink. Number 2 doesn’t disappoint either – a football quarterback runs with the ball only to be tackled and break his leg in a seriously flexible and bendy way.

It’s so absurd you gotta just see it!

And now ladies and gentlemen for the grand finale, the number 1 weirdest and funniest sporting accident is (drum roll please) another hockey player who, after a collision at the goal mouth, bleeds like a goddam waterfall from his throat. Let’s hope he survived that ‘little scratch’.

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  1. November 30th, 2009 at 8:41 pm
    natalia says:

    how do those even happen? crazy accidents!! but entertaining to watch!

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