A Series of Unfortunate Weight Lifting Accidents

by Chinty
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A lot of men like to think they can be weightlifters but it’s not an easy sport to master. This clip shoes some of the funniest pitfalls and accidents that can befall the amateur, ranging from the slapstick to the downright painful. The one thing these sequences all have in common, however, is that they are extremely funny. We begin with what looks like a serious competition or at least a professional gym.

The weightlifter appears to be wearing the proper gear

and professional-looking staff look on. But don’t let that fool you. As soon as he raises that bar he goes toppling over backwards onto his ass and manages an almost perfect somersault. Actually, the funny things that happen after a weightlifter has made that initial lift is kind of the theme of this clip, with other stars falling flat on their stomachs or, in one case, a little boy no more than 10 losing control of the dumbbell and careening into his dad. The whole clip is set to the music of ‘Hey You Get Off Of My Cloud’ by the Rolling Stones and the lyric ‘I was sick and tired, fed up of this’ is very apt in the case of a weightlifter who looks very annoyed after the big circular weights slide off his dumbbell.

Perhaps the piece de resistance of this whole clip

comes at around 54 seconds when some guy who looks pretty muscular and like he knows what he’s doing utterly loses control in a very funny way. When he lets go of it, the dumbbell zooms down to the floor very quickly, trapping him beneath it. Lucky for him help is at hand and he isn’t left to try to sort himself out. Immediately after that is a lighter moment in which a dad lifts his two babies alternately, using the handles of their mobiles like weights. Very funny but perhaps not as funny as a weightlifter who has to deal with a cat slowly climbing up his leg towards his groin area.

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