About Us

If you’re a prude, a puritan, or think it’s kinda rude to laugh at people falling on their asses, leave. Now. You’re going to hate Made You Stare, a site dedicated to all things weird, gross, shocking, offensive AND undeniably hilarious.

Any time Jesus appears on a dog’s butt, we’ve got it covered. When people do stupid things and get hurt in funny ways, we’re the ones with the video footage. Made You Stare serves up the crazy stuff that the TV news is too boring ‘tasteful’ to show.

Be sure to check back each day for more freshly squeezed insanity. As long as people and animals are idiots, we’ll have new stories for you.

Our handy ratings guide will warn you when you’re about to see something you might regret. There is a fine line between hilarious and mildly traumatizing—one we plan to straddle as regularly as possible.

(If you just sniggered at the word ‘straddle’, you’re already well and truly corrupted, and therefore have nothing to worry about.)

More than anything, Made You Stare is a community of people with a twisted sense of humor. Share your own hilariously offensive online finds and if we like ‘em, we’ll start giving away Made You Stare hoodies and T-shirts with reckless abandon.

(Unless it becomes possible to wear more than 50 hoodies at once, we do actually really need to get rid of them. The XXXL hoodies are taking up a lot of space in the office here. Seriously.) If you want, you can follow us on Twitter. Better yet, let us slip into something a little more comfortable—preferably your RSS reader.

If you want to send millions in Nigerian inheritance riches our way, don’t contact us. If you want to send us a story about a spammer getting utterly owned, go for it. Submit a tip to Made You Stare.