Durex Commercial Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

by Chinty
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If you find sex funny but blown-up animated condoms behaving like dogs on heat even funnier then check this madcap commercial out. Created by Durex, the makers of the contraceptives, the level of detail is astonishing from the sheer range of sexual positions right down to the little squeaks the Durex doggies make when they make sweet love to each other. I counted no less than 6 sexual positions here, from the good old-fashioned missionary position to the 69 to a kind of conga line of sodomy – if these had been depicted in live action using real actors you don’t have to be a genius to know that this madcap commercial would never have made it on to TV, but hurray for Youtube!

The tagline at the end of this madcap commercial is ‘Get it on’

and these dirty Durex dogs do just that with real gusto. First off there’s two of them going at it like they’re sexaholics until a third party – ominously colored orange but still in the form of a blown-up condom dog – gets a sniff of what’s going on and wants a piece of the action whereupon things get a whole lot weirder with proper threesome sex craziness. Suffice to say, these latex lapdogs collapse on the floor due to fatigue before deciding they want more and getting back into the swing of things. Along with the squeaks coming from the friction of these naughty dogs doing their business with each other, there are also little squeaks of pleasure that disturbingly enough sound like they belong in a children’s show rather than in an adult Durex commercial.

I wonder if this clip will grow in popularity and these Durex dogs

will become well-known across the worldwide web. They’re so funny and crazy that they really deserve the fame. They’re also so adept at sexual positions, appearing to know them all… and some more, that they might teach us humans a thing or two. Perhaps they could perform in their own TV version of the Joy of Sex? Who knows?

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  1. November 2nd, 2009 at 7:59 pm
    Natalia says:

    lol! hilarious! very eye catching!! haha!

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