Spectacular End of the World Video. Ataque de Pánico!

by Chinty
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This weird European short movie starts off with a young boy playing with his toy robots. Then he notices the appearance of large War of the Worlds-like alien robot invaders who, within seconds, seem to have started taking over the world. They crush people and cars as they walk with their heavy metal feet and fire high-powered guns at skyscrapers. Symbols of civilization such as holy crosses are enveloped in smoke.

The young boy watches the air force fly off to deal with the invaders.

But they are quickly destroyed by the invaders whose own flying machines act like kamikazes taking down buildings. This is really impressive for a short viral video and looks as if it was made with a very big budget. No wonder it is currently number one on many viral video charts right now. In many ways it says everything movies like Transformers and War of the Worlds said but in only 4 minutes 48 seconds, which is quite an achievement, or maybe it just means that the aforementioned movies weren’t very good. The high (or low) point is when the robot invaders destroy what appears to be some major landmark which I don’t know what actually it is because I’m an uneducated jerk who couldn’t care less about geography.

I know it just looks cool when it’s smashed to smithereens.

The climactic last minute of the sequence is a truly amazing eruption of fire that engulfs the entire city from the ground upwards, slowly swallowing up all these fancy-looking old buildings. It looks like by now the invaders have achieved what they set out to achieve and it didn’t take them all that long! Woe betide us if some sophisticated alien race tried this for real! We’d be totally screwed, man. We can barely agree on climate change let alone on how to defend the planet. The way this clip ends though is nice – with the camera that was filming the whole thing slowly breaking down in its vision and switching off entirely just as the fire destroys all and everything

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