Someone Dropped An Accident in the Hot Tub!

by Chinty
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It seems like the perfect night: being invited to jump into the hot tub with some gorgeous ladies. But halfway through this pleasurable evening, the water starts to turn a suspicious shade of brown. The guy shouts (aptly) ‘Holy s***’ and the evening is somewhat ruined. Everyone leaps out in horror, leaving the guilty party behind to atone for her error. What’s amazing about this clip is the sheer volume of the nasty brown stuff.

It comes hard and fast, replacing the bubbles

Of the hot tub with something you don’t want to be bathing in if you can at all help it. The shocked reaction of the hot tub guests is priceless – they really don’t see it coming and are truly horrified by this nasty turn of events. Perhaps they will be scarred forever, doomed to suffer repetitive nightmares for years to come, dreaming of situations ruined by such accident-droppings: weddings, funerals, proms and so on. This clip is only short but it delivers an instant laugh that’ll come right from your belly – which was the body part that gave this poor girl such a problem. What could she have been eating? Baked beans? Chilli con carne? Something rich and eggy? Spicy Indian or Mexican food?

Perhaps we shouldn’t dwell on it too long

Especially if we are about to sit down to a meal ourselves. All we can say is that this actress – if that’s what she was – probably did not follow the script she’d been given and no doubt had to deal with the embarrassment of her accident on set for the rest of the filming of that show or movie or whatever it might have been. We can imagine the kind of ribbing she received from her fellow cast crew members: “When you gotta go, you gotta go!” “Better out than in!” “Dropping some friends off at the hot tub again, baby?” Who knows, maybe she went on to great things after this, acting in such classics as Apoohcalypse Now, One From the Fart, One Poohed Over the Cuckpooh’s Nest and Dropping Miss Daisy.

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