Sick But Funny Soccer Injuries

by Chinty
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Is your idea of humor watching highly-paid professional sportsmen behave like animals, kicking, punching, spitting and falling around the place like drunks? Would you be the kind of person who would laugh rather than cry when he fast forwards to the 2 minutes 50 seconds mark to watch the piece de resistance – goalkeeper Dida getting hit by a firecracker thrown by a crowd member during a European Champions League game? If the answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place!

The days of fair play and sportsmanship are truly over

and the evidence lies in this clip gathered from what some people call football matches and others call soccer games around the world. Most crazy of all is the crowd trouble segment towards the end, where policemen in what looks like a South American stadium bundle a pitch invader to the ground only to receive a flying kick in the head by one of the players involved in the game! We then move from the sublime to the ridiculous when a soccer player in white does some neat little tricks, is dispossessed of the ball by a player in green before the whole thing descends into a mass brawl between both teams, eventually embroiling the black-clad stewards hanging out on the periphery.

The incident gets so out of hand that the barrier separating the crowd from the pitch is smashed

flat by the stampede of naughty soccer players, officials and God knows who else who is now involved. Schadenfreude, the German term for enjoying other people’s misfortune, certainly applies to this clip. A blue-clad soccer player tries a nifty little back-heel trip only to slip up and horribly injure himself. A player taking a penalty kick completely messes it up and hardly touches the ball much less slam it past the goalkeeper. A particularly muddy goal mouth results in a ball getting stuck when instead it should have gone right in to the goal no problem. If you like soccer or even if you don’t and you just enjoy watching people make £$%^s of themselves, check this link out pronto!

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