Rude and Humorous Rant on Nationalism

by Chinty
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Every so often a new stand-up comic comes along and really challenges received opinion while making you belly-laugh. Doug Stanhope is one such guy, a spiritual successor to Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and Bill Hicks, and is clearly a comic genius judging from this clip about the stupidity of nationalism and how it breeds hatred and stupidity is just great. With liberal use of cuss words, Stanhope talks about how Americans claim that they saved France in two World Wars but, Stanhope asks, was that all Americans? Was that him and his buddy Tommy who didn’t save the French last night but instead watched drank shots of Jagermeister, watched sports bloopers on TV and went out for Wendy’s burgers?

According to Doug Stanhope’s cellphone

At no point was there any contact made between him and the French. Instead, Stanhope concludes, maybe him and Tommy should just shut the f%^$ up. Doug Stanhope has been making waves for about twenty years now, with no joke too extreme for him to tell. In the past he has mocked every religion, joked about Siamese twins and covered every possible sexual perversion. But the amazing thing is that he always manages to end up sounding very sensible at the end of it, just as he does in this sketch about nationalism and the French.

In an era when many a comic seems to sell out quite early and get more lucrative work in TV or the movies, a dude like Stanhope continues to work the stand-up circuit, his material getting more confrontational rather than softer. He won’t be censored and he won’t be shut up, so it’s great that you can find a lot of his stuff for free on You Tube and really appreciate the way the guy gets steadily more drunk throughout a show and really works the crowd. I have heard a bootleg of a show where he has upset the crowd so much that they aggressively demand that he leave the stage. Now that’s what I call a serious heckle!

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