Midget Thai Boxers Go Ape in the Ring

by Chinty
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Being small doesn’t mean you can’t be tough, as Napoleon and this clip prove. Two midget boxers, no taller than four feet deliver some kick-ass moves, slamming each other into the ropes, kneeing each other in the groin and grabbing each other by the throat. Even though both boxers are midgets, the one in the red shorts clearly has a height advantage over the other – perhaps he really belongs in another weight category? But that doesn’t mean the smaller of the two can’t punch above his height and his weight, ultimately knocking his opponent out at the end with a stunning 7 punch combo.

The boxer in the red shorts shouldn’t feel too aggrieved.

Because he lands a few kicks that sends his antagonist literally flying backwards several feet! The audience appear to be sat at a bar drinking. Maybe some of them thought they’d overdone it and were hallucinating when these two midget fighters entered the ring. It’s clearly a popular pastime as there are plenty of spectators and photo flashes going off. And there’s no shortage of inventive moves to record: at near the 2 minute mark, the smaller boxer does a magnificent handstand and then kicks his opponent in the face, creating a side-splitting moment that wouldn’t be out of place in the silent movies of Keaton or Chaplin. But the move also has a strategic effect, sending the taller boxer painfully onto the floor with a nasty wince on his face.

If the way these small guys fight is funny.

Then their haircuts are equally so. The one in blue has a kind of skinhead with a dreadlocked pony tail leading down the back. Maybe this is a psychological tactic to make his opponent laugh so much that he is unable to put up too much of a defense. It’s certainly a novel idea and one that was perhaps taken on by pretty much any sportsman around in the 1970s – THE decade of bad hair. Anyway, despite the hardcore attitude, these boxers seem pretty sportsmanlike and friendly. Maybe someday they will be really ‘big’. Heh heh.

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