Lewd, Crude and Dumb Drunk Behavior

by Chinty
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Anyone who’s ever had a drink knows how it works. You start showing off, thinking you can do much more than you actually can and before you know it, you’re bashing your head against the wall, getting straws stuck up your nose and generally making a &^*((%% of yourself. The champagne moment in this clip is a rotund guy who starts eyeing up the camera in a sexy (as he perceived it at the time anyway) way before completely losing it and collapsing upside down over a sofa.

The amazing thing is that he hangs on to his little paper cup of drink all the way.

A man who looks like an extra from the original 1970s Starsky and Hutch – replete with big moustache and even bigger shades – dances backwards along a hallway until he smacks his head against the wall. The look of shock on his face after all the drink-fuelled merriment is just hilarious. He is immediately followed by a quite horrific site: an obese guy dancing so vigorously that his man-breasts are wobbling. He goes on like this for a little while, no doubt drawing looks of disbelief from the public. He is dancing perilously close to the edge of a swimming pool but this clip doesn’t show him falling in. I’d bet that in reality he certainly did fall in because he looked to be hardly in control of his faculties if you know what I mean?

A man – they’re all men here but why

given that women can make fools of themselves just as well after a drink? – watering his garden slips up in the moisture he has created and the hose, still streaming, gets stuck between his thighs in a perfect punchline. However, this is the only sequence in the clip that looks a little staged to me – still quite side-splitting though. The grand finale is a quite ludicrous human pile-up where an attempted group hug results in three or four people climbing onto each other and falling through a porch fence.

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