Happy Slappers Revenge When They Really Deserve It!

by Chinty
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In Britain at the moment there is a nasty trend called ‘happy slapping’ in which (usually) bored teenagers video themselves on cell phone cameras randomly attacking members of the public. This clip shows how funny it is when the happy slapper picks on someone that won’t knuckle under and take it. Watch these cowards suffer some serious combos at the hands of someone who – far from happy slapping – has definitely had some boxing or martial arts training. The clip begins with two soon-to-be slappers seemingly in discussion about who their next target should be.

A young couple walk past and one of the slappers lashes out

at the female – can you believe that? That’s not funny, it’s terrible. What is funny is that her track suited boyfriend is out for revenge. He immediately lands some sucker punches on the faces and chests of these happy slappers, flooring the first one in several seconds before knocking the other one on to the pathway while the first gets up and tries to scram. Mr Track Suit only gives up when his girlfriend – the original victim – shouts at him to leave these happy slapping losers alone. I wonder what on earth would have happened to them had Mr Track Suit been allowed to finish them off. This might have become the first fatality recorded as a result of happy slapping, and ironically the happy slapper would have been the victim!

So the slappers are left not particularly happy

and unlikely to reoffend without being a bit more careful about who they take their anger out on. Obviously the person filming the fracas was on the side of the happy slappers but he (or she – let’s not be sexist about who is sick enough to film this stuff!) must have thought he was on to comedy gold when the happy slapping didn’t go to plan and Mr Track Suit got violent, because, as you can see, he kept recording and now this clip is up there for posterity as both a warning to all potential happy slappers and sheer entertainment for those who aren’t.

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