Fluffle Puff tales ‘big fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows’

by Chinty
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Have you ever watched a film and thought, how did this come about. Was the guy producing this film actually high? The video has a ‘My little Pony’ type character that is on its way somewhere and makes itself a nice unicorn. A little fantasy is imagined by the mythical pony and the majority of the video a unicorn running on a rainbow with a background song of ‘big fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows.’ repeatedly. This almost gets very annoying, however it is saved by the length of the clip not being that long. And it has a few breaks which makes it viewable but not totally irritating. The ending is also very random, it has a another black creature asking the pony for breakfast ‘what the heck’. Anyway, if your into cartoons with an adult theme which is off this planet then this is a visual treat for you.

Want more Fluffle Puff tales..

If you liked the video there seems to be a few of these made by FluffyMixer. Whatever these guys are on be assured the rest of the fluffle puff series are going to be ‘out of this world’. Next time you see a rainbow you could have the main chorus of the song playing around in your head. You have been warned.

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