Dog Overindulges in a Really Sick Way

by Chinty
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If you find animals hilarious and animals doing very unpleasant things even more hilarious, then look no further than this clip. This will make you laugh till you’re, well, sick! (And that’s a little clue as to what happens later). At first we see the plucky little love rat – or dog – mount his black and white-colored girlfriend to the sounds of the Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Apache’ in which the command ‘Get on it!’ is repeated.

Tongue wagging and expression of ecstasy on his squashed little face.

Fido Love Dog takes her up to heaven and back – but he isn’t so impressed with her performance because he ends up being horribly sick all over the sidewalk. She has the good sense to walk off, leaving him to his mess, but guess what he goes and does then? Look away now if you have a weak stomach… He starts eating his own sick! I’ll repeat that: HE STARTS EATING HIS OWN SICK. Sick eh? In both senses of the word. Maybe we’re being unfair on the poor lad, maybe he enjoyed his ride with Girl Dog and her love making skills aren’t open to question. He might have eaten a suspect dog biscuit moments before the clip began or been fed chocolate by a child who didn’t know better. Whatever the reason behind his crazy behavior, someone has immortalized him on YouTube and he is bound to enjoy a certain kind of fame out of it. Perhaps he’ll become a celebrity, get rich, get his own TV show.

Perhaps one day he’ll be throwing up champagne and caviar and foie gras

Altogether a higher class of puke. He might get to be sick all over his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or blow chunks live at Superbowl halftime, accompanied by Bruce Springsteen and Justin Timberlake. The world might embrace him and request that he perform his party trick on the Great Wall of China, up the Eiffel Tower or on the roof of Buckingham Palace. In this internet age who knows?

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